Birth Mamas is your one stop shop for moon cycle, pregnancy, birth and motherhood needs. Both Ash and Caitlyn are Dynamo Doulas with personal experience to support you with your personal journey, you can rest assured that we are here for you. Our shop stocks all sorts of brilliant local supplies for you and your mini tribe. Feel free to shop online or come and stop into visit us at Buderim and say hey.

Caitlyn Parry

I am an entrepreneur and a Doula with a passion for empowering women stemming from my own personal growth. It was through my battle with postpartum depression that I realised I needed to change my mindset and take charge of my life.

My journey of self discovery and education led me to understand that my empathetic nature, once perceived as a weakness, is actually my superpower and it is through this I can make an impact.

Ash Rasmassen

I am a Birth keeper, Dynamo Doula, Sacred Cycle keeper and a radical advocate for women through reclaiming my own voice, sensuality, sexuality, births, bleed and femininity.

If you are tired of the societal pressures dictating how you should show up in the world as a woman and birthing person, and you are ready to remember and reclaim your power and take back your automomy and angency, we are a match made in the cosmos.

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