Doula. A woman employed to provide guidance and support to the mother of a newborn baby.

So you’re expecting. Not quite sure how to feel? What comes next? Where to start? Are you looking for guidance, someone to listen and to really hear you?  A friend/sister to cheer you on, hold you and let you be all that you need to be. We will be there for you through this journey, so you can rise up through the unknown of self. We will support you with truth, honesty and love without judgment and in complete respect.

We are Sunshine Coast, QLD local, Birthkeepers offering our services throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, the Hinterland and Gympie. The ways in which we will care and support you in your journey and cycle through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond can not be defined and condensed into a one size fits all care package. We all as individuals need individualised love and support.

Support packages

We have curated a menu of support packages from maiden to mother that creates a space for deep connection, community, and support, the kind the world has left behind. To bring humanity back to the human experience we need to start with birth. If you know that working with us is for you click the link below and we will send you our package menu.

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Love Letters

“We had the privilege of having Caitlyn Parry as our Doula, Caitlyn is warm and welcoming, her smile and quiet confidence is beautiful. Caitlyn bought us peace during pregnancy and peace through labour, knowing she was there and supporting our birth plan, Caitlyn was our advocate a tremendous support to my husband and I. Caitlyns nurturing gifts filled me with confidence, her presence isn’t over spoken, beautiful in the way she enlightens…. We are excited to share another birth with Caitlyn very soon, knowing Caitlyn is there with us, in just the right moments, brings me great peace and joy. Thank you for blessing us Caitlyn!”

” How do you write a testimonial for someone who quite literally saved your life? After a postpartum consumed by depression and darkness with my first born I had done enough inner work to know that I deserved better this time around. Hiring Ash was my first big act of self love, and it certainly was love she provided. From conception after a glorious new moon ritual through my pregnancy filled with nourishing food, moving my body and planning my postpartum. Ash nurtured my birth nerd mind and gave me a safe space to be heard and seen. So much mental preparation was done that the physical birth was nothing less than euphoric. Postpartum was my greatest fear- would all of those dark thoughts return? I would be lying if I said it has been easy. But four months in and despite the hard days I have no doubt I can do this, that I am worthy of doing this. There is no way to explain Ash’s package. It is so much more than the birth planning session, the labour support and nourishing postpartum food. Being heard and seen and held is something every birthing persons deserves.”

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